A puzzle platformer where you can stop time and ride bullets. Made for the GameDev.TV community game jam. I put a lot of love into it so  I'd love to hear your feedback. 

And if you're interested follow me on Youtube or Twitter or Discord!

and make sure to follow me on itch to receive updates on this game! I'll be adding more levels, new mechanics and a few QOL improvements.

WASD - Move

K - Stop

J— shoot

ESC - Pause / Change Colours


Music - Bug Catching by Emily Sprague

Ezra provided me a nice player movement code which I then tweaked to suit the game. He makes awesome games! itch: https://ezra-szanton.itch.io/ twitter:  https://twitter.com/ESzanton

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(120 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, jumping, Minimalist, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Unity

Development log


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Not Bad For A Organic Human

Cute :)

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I really like this game idea and I am curious if my skill level is enough to do this kind of game. I might try to do something similar someday. I like platformers and controls are really nice in this. 

My only complain is I don't like the K and J keys for time stop and shoot. It would be really nice if we could reassign keys. Other than that, cool game

Really cool game with intuitive mechanics, however, a little critique...
• Make the screen shake/tilt random, it gets a little repetitive from time to time

• Switch up the soundtrack a little, or perhaps make it a little less distracting? Maybe quieter? It just gets a mildly annoying after a while.

• Add a bit more easing to the animations, it'll make the game feel so much more fluid. Maybe even add some easing to the movement? It'll mess up your collisions a bit, depending on how you wrote your system, but it'll make the game feel a lot smoother.

• Allow key rebinding, it'd be so much more fun to play if the time-stop key was something like "Space"

All that critique aside, I can really see this game going far (I especially love the colors you used!) I wish you the best of luck in developing and refining this :)

This is really good! I like the mixture of puzzles and platforming. And the art style is really cool. Also, it seems you've just reached 200 followers!

cool music, i like it!

Pretty good, but I couldn't get past level 24.

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Amazing! more levers :P

Thanks :)

how the **** do i get past lvl 24?!?!?!

I can't select a level, Browser: Chrome 

how do you change colors? ESC isnt working

spiced run 2:14 im not the creator i just did the clips.



As soon as the game loads up, I see the levels screen (on the website) and I can't click or start any levels

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I found a glitch, where if a bullet hits you you disappear

edit: I got pushed into a wall nvm

cool puzzle

I've played my share of puzzle games, and I gotta say this quickly became one of my favorites. Simple but pleasant graphics, easy to understand mechanics, and short but satisfying puzzles. So thanks for making such a lovely little game!

One thing I will say is I had to stop at level 27 due to frustration. I just couldn't get the timing down and kept accidentally pressing the button... not sure if I'm missing something. Otherwise I had a great time!

I have a sub 3:00 speedrun w mistakes but this is my 1st day playing the 30 level version.  I like the version on Cool Math Games with all the glitches more. I've tried to submit this game to speedrun.com but I can't find enough info. I have a 1:34 after about a month of grinding up on youtube.

wait wtf i have a 3:18 with this version what other glitches do you know

i now have a 2:44.18 but still how tf can you get a 1:34

My 1:34 is from the cool math games version which has a double jump by pressing W and the Space_Bar at the same time, skipping a ton of levels but coolmathgames is laggy.

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oin if you want information

Is my character supposed to become invisible?

Wait a second... It didn't become invisible, it actually dissapeared.

That's  a glitch that happens sometimes. Press R to restart

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got a sub 4 speedrun of the game non deathless
how do i post .mp4 here?

this is probably my favourite game here so far. the graphics are clean and the gameplay is clam and enjoyable. unless ur like me and suck at video games. but overall just a great game.

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Great game but level 30 (at least for me was a nightmare) because I just couldn't shoot the bullet and launch of the trampoline and land on it.  (I did finish it,really great game.)


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I solved level 30 but the bullets dont respawn when I use them so I only get 1 attempt at each shot or I need to restart. Could you fix the glitch there?

It really hurts that I made it to level 30 but gave up because of a glitch.


Stop (Full 30 Levels)

Very nice game and with a lot of difficulty.

For people who need to test their patience they need to play it anyway.

Could we get a .exe?

i did the whole game and the intro played again

all that progress just for this

I found like a glitch or a bug. In level 27. You can spawn a platform and stop it right when it's in front of the laser as normal, but if you press K again while on the jump pad below it and you jump, the jump pad sends you upwards and you hit the platform, sending it flying out of the map. Just a visual bug (unless you consider the fact it went back into the dispenser) and I didn't see anything wrong with the gameplay.

The same applies if you stay at the top and push it through.

oh i see it

It's a fun puzzle game! I did manage to softlock it (can't even go to the menu) on level..24? the one with the cube, tampoline, and bullet at the bottom with the goal at the top, because I destroyed the cube.

I don't know if it's difficult to do, but personally I'd prefer if the music didn't start over on levels but just continues looping

awesome game but i'm too lazy to do the level 22 and have syncronized bullets

Awesome idea! 

not the best puzzle game but its funny, a little easy to my opinion...

speedrun it then

Wow the game is amazing ! I especially love the minimalistic art and the clever level design. Good job

ZA WARUDO!! But seriously though, fun puzzle game and clever levels. My only issues is that the controls aren't that tight but I'm just nitpicking. Overall very solid and fun game

I don't know why but the buttons don't work for me at level 5...

make sure your not paused while on it or unpause while on it because then they dont work until you get off and on again


YAY I beat it thanks for the good luck :)

Thanks for playing :) 


so level 27 is cheesable if you push the falling box at the PERFECT time and freeze time you can push it into the middle and jump off it to the end


The only level which that of the point that 150 IQ players give up...

Gg imma try later

man you have 150 IQ? I envy you..

Not everyone has 150 IQ to get here. Yet i only have 105 IQ and i can make it (with a few tutorials)

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